PAC : Performing Art Center

The public park along the river is transform to be roof scape of building by concept of continues plane. The creation the visual linkage is use two main axis of visual context, there are Phra Sumen Fort on Rattanakosin side and the public park that is the long promenade walk between Performing Art Center and Rama VIII Bridge.The potential building form is come from the transformation of linear ground plane in different proportion that depend on the function inside the building push and pull in different level. The open window in the east side allows a river front view face to auditorium accesses.

Performing Art Center will become to be the one of city venue that can see from opposite, Rattanakosin side. From Santichaiprakarn

Park,the park has a great view of the Chao Phraya river and the ultra-modern Rama VIII suspension bridge, is located near Khao San
Road, the gate way of foreigner and tourist is the area of ferry transportation at Tha Prah- Ahtit pier to Performing Art Center, that is the point to represent the relationship between visual linkage, visual context, and site planning together.”


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