“Controlling the people movement between Chaopraya River & Satorn.”

Satorn Pier_01

The project learning objectives are to study the impact of site and human activities on architectural design; to understand quality
and quantity of space for public uses; to analyze and translate the users’ behaviors into architectural design; and to study structure,
details, and material uses related to program in architectural design. This Satorn pier is one of the important nodes of transportation on Chao Praya River. It is a central pier station which connects to the mass transit system, BTS at Taksin station, and is near by Silom area, a CBD of Bangkok. The Satorn pier has several types of passengers come to cross the Chao Praya River everyday. The pier has many existing programs that serve the passengers activities and needs such as small flee market, public motorcycle and rickshaw parking, small retail shops, and tourist information center.

Satorn Pier_02


“Apply transformed Maple’s leaf form to become main structure of the exhibition.”

Plantation Exhibition_02Maple is the selection interest plantation to be the inspiration. From the unique

character of Maple’s leaf form and the system of the leaf crossing veinulate, the
exhibition use these idea to developed the system of exhibition’s structure by
and also interlock transformed Maple’s leaf form in the system of the leaf crossing
veinulate pattern to become the supporting structure for exhibit unique
character of Maple in architecture form.