The new approach of learning space in KMUTT is project landscape design to development KMUTT  Bangmod campus to be the sharing of learning access by using the space analysis to emphasis the no waste space quality and space linkage to develop space function-
This space potential is become to be the cycle conceptual diagram and purpose the function inside cycle. Each cycle are giving the meaning of space that comes from site analysis information that support to function in each space.

New Land Scape Design
The final design is link to space quality and analysis circulation to creat the image of university of science and technology.Each
bubble give the meaning space and emphasis function by using the quality of open space to communicate university activity to community or public.


“Shop house concerning in environmental
design especially in daylighitng, electrical lighting and acoustics design.”

Design a shop house concerning in environmental design especially in daylighitng, electrical lighting and acoustics design; however, other issues e.g. natural ventilation should also be included. The shop house is a 2 blocks of row houses in one row, 4 × 16 m. each (the shop facing the main road and the sub road is used for car access at the back of the building). The owner of the business is a family who living in the same structure.

The shop house is a 2 blocks of row houses in one row, 4 × 16 m. each (the shop facing the main road and the sub road is used for car access at the back of the building). The owner of the business is a family who living in the same structure.


” The gate way through the learning place and welcome the world to see the university spirit and the vision.”

KMUTT Innoplex is the place seem like the new learning center of Bangmod campus, with the multipurpose function
inside, the quality of space should be supporting for learning atmosphere and motivating student, teacher, and community
to experience the learning space that also represent itself to be the land mark of university of Science and Technology. KMUTT
Innoplex also seem to be the gate way through the learning place and welcome the world to see the university spirit and the vision.
The structural conceptual is the starting point to expert the unique of KMUTT. The structural concept is emphasis to circulation
analysis and function of space inside. The image of university need to respond to users.


Condominium is seem like the good choice for Bangkok association, the concrete jungle city. Because of the
higher land price create the limited area to be city of the mid rise and high rise building in a few years. Even though residential areas like apartment or condominium is best option for the urbanism. Bangkok has a lot of Living unit in kind of vertical living space to respond to satisfy urban-ism life’s style. In another way they have more activity and hurriedly living follow the variety perception.

emphasizing to keep passive living to respond on life’s quality by design good space potential to face more to open space but still keep
privacy for user. The unit living plan have to created on the system of L shape form by using the L shape potential to keep more opening while L character enclose itself and still of relationship between positive and negative space. So the concept of unit living planning is relate to function issue in case of privacy space and own open space in 30-60 sq.m.

PAC : Performing Art Center

The public park along the river is transform to be roof scape of building by concept of continues plane. The creation the visual linkage is use two main axis of visual context, there are Phra Sumen Fort on Rattanakosin side and the public park that is the long promenade walk between Performing Art Center and Rama VIII Bridge.The potential building form is come from the transformation of linear ground plane in different proportion that depend on the function inside the building push and pull in different level. The open window in the east side allows a river front view face to auditorium accesses.

Performing Art Center will become to be the one of city venue that can see from opposite, Rattanakosin side. From Santichaiprakarn

Park,the park has a great view of the Chao Phraya river and the ultra-modern Rama VIII suspension bridge, is located near Khao San
Road, the gate way of foreigner and tourist is the area of ferry transportation at Tha Prah- Ahtit pier to Performing Art Center, that is the point to represent the relationship between visual linkage, visual context, and site planning together.”


“Active living in this case is meansa way of  life that integrates physical activity into daily routines.”

Active living is the living thing that user can experience actively space. Active living in this case is means a way of life that integrates physical activity into daily routines. It is the space that support to the relation to ownership, social function, individual or collective responsibility. People will be highly active when they perceive the thing that they don’t expect.

To create the active living space I start with thinking about people’s activities. I avoid creating space continually from the base to the top in term of the spiral for create community space to support social functions. And form is support to variety activity of users to enjoy shearing their experience together, by considering to four key words are visual linkage, movement, motivation, and activity.