From the unique of ground floor pattern, the main idea is want follow the whole building concept of cycle shape by using the element of radius of each cycle to separate functional space zoning outside. The linkage between interior and exterior space is relate to the radius that expand from center inside go through outside of the building. The contrast of hard scape and soft scape respond to creating the pattern of the radius that emphasize to exhibition and activity space that blur into landscape element. The circulation analysis is related to the meeting space design that emphasizes people to join art exhibition space, and also respond to universal access. The final  landscape design represents to motivate the people to go to use more the space inside the building and support to more activity space.

“The main idea is want follow the whole building concept of cycle shape by using the element of radius
of each cycle to separate functional space zoning outside.”


Condominium is seem like the good choice for Bangkok association, the concrete jungle city. Because of the
higher land price create the limited area to be city of the mid rise and high rise building in a few years. Even though residential areas like apartment or condominium is best option for the urbanism. Bangkok has a lot of Living unit in kind of vertical living space to respond to satisfy urban-ism life’s style. In another way they have more activity and hurriedly living follow the variety perception.

emphasizing to keep passive living to respond on life’s quality by design good space potential to face more to open space but still keep
privacy for user. The unit living plan have to created on the system of L shape form by using the L shape potential to keep more opening while L character enclose itself and still of relationship between positive and negative space. So the concept of unit living planning is relate to function issue in case of privacy space and own open space in 30-60 sq.m.